We represent clients in Tacoma and throughout Washington State who have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in an automobile accident caused by another car, truck or commercial vehicle.  The harm suffered in such collisions can be traumatic, both physically and emotionally, and the financial strain of the resulting medical expenses and missed work can be devastating.  We are dedicated to helping injured victims and their families obtain compensation for the full extent of the losses they have suffered.

Mike Fisher has the experience and resources necessary to advance your vehicle accident case and to provide you with the security and peace of mind of knowing that your personal injury or wrongful death claim is being handled by an attorney and law firm that has been established in the Tacoma area for more than 50 years.  We skillfully manage all manner of vehicle cases, including:

Bicycle accidents
Boating accidents
Car accidents
Commercial truck accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Pedestrian accidents

Working in conjunction with a network of experts and the most up-to-date technology, our team of attorneys and staff possess the knowledge and resources to handle even the most complex cases. At the same time, our firm is small enough to ensure that none of our clients gets lost in the shuffle; our attorneys and staff are personally involved in handling every aspect of your case from day one.

No driver wants to have a car accident, yet these costly and stressful experiences make up the majority of personal injury claims in the United States.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, there are several issues that may prove essential to your claim for compensation. Our legal team has vast experience litigating car accidents and managing related issues, such as:

Driver negligence
Driver impairment (DUI)
Defective cars or parts
Dangerous road conditions
Compensable damages

Liability, or establishing who is at fault for your accident, refers to the blame for a collision and the responsibility to pay the injured party an amount that compensates for the harm.  Police, insurance investigators and accident reconstruction experts examine the scene of the accident, the wreckage, the injuries, and other physical and testimonial evidence to determine the party or parties who are responsible.

Washington law recognizes contributory fault, so if the injured party was in any way to blame for the accident, any compensation is reduced in proportion to that degree of fault. If the court decides that an injured driver sustained $100,000 in damages, but was 20 percent at fault, the injured driver can only collect $80,000 from the defendant.

Driver negligence and impairment: prime causes of car accidents.  Drivers must use reasonable care to avoid collisions; failure to do so means the driver acted negligently.  Drivers who operate their cars in an unsafe manner, with a willful and wanton disregard for safety, are said to be reckless and are liable if they cause traffic accidents.

Driver impairment affects judgment and performance. The most common impairment is driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, which is a criminal offense.  DUI may involve prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs or illegal drugs.  Drunk driving accidents also result in criminal charges, especially when there has been property damage, injury or loss of life. Increasingly, we are also seeing more collisions that result from distracted driving caused by texting or using a cell phone while driving.

Strict liability: how defective auto parts and unsafe roads cause accidents.  Sometimes a defective car part triggers an accident.  A person who is injured because of defective steering, brakes, tires or other equipment can sue the manufacturer or supplier under the theory of strict liability.

Improperly designed or maintained roads and traffic control signals can also lead to accidents. We experience handling cases against governmental entities for improper highway design and maintenance.

Damages: measuring how much a victim can recover.  There are many types of damages that may be awarded, including compensation for the following:

Current and future lost income
Current and future medical bills
Pain and suffering
Emotional distress
Loss of opportunity to enjoy life
Wrongful death

We can help you understand your rights and explain the losses that are compensable, then help you fight for a favorable outcome.  If you have been injured, your focus should be on your health.  We do all we can to remove the stress of dealing with the legal aspects of your accident, so you can focus on getting well.  We also advance all costs of litigation so you don’t have to worry about court costs and other legal expenses.

You only pay for our services after you’ve received compensation through a trial verdict or negotiated settlement.  If we recover nothing, you are not required to pay any attorney's fees.

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