Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Families must remain watchful for changes that point to abuse or neglect, and at the first signs, they should seek immediate legal assistance from Washington attorneys with specific experience in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.  Attorney Mike Fisher has focused a large part of his practice on Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect cases and has handled many of these nursing home cases.  

Mike belongs to the American Association for Justice Nursing Home Litigation Group, The National Trial Lawyers Nursing Home Trial Lawyers Association and the Washington State Association for Justice Nursing Home Litigation Section.  Mike served as the chair of the WSAJ Nursing Home Litigation Section for 2009 - 2010.  Mike authored a chapter in the Washington Nursing Home Litigation Deskbook and he is frequently invited to speak at seminars on nursing home litigation.

When families cannot provide the level of care needed by their elderly loved ones, they perform diligent research to find the right facility or home healthcare worker to ensure they are well-protected.  Unfortunately, research does not always reveal the true conditions their loved ones may face.  Many seniors suffer abuse and neglect by staff members or by other residents.  Nursing Home Abuse Can Be Physical, Mental, or Financial

The elderly may be too afraid or unable to express abuse situations. This is why the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services helps families remain vigilant by watching for signs of abuse, such as the following:

Physical abuse. Evidenced by bruising, broken bones, or other injuries, medical reports indicating improper medication dosage, or signs of sexual abuse.

Mental or emotional abuse. Can be recognized if families notice their loved ones display sudden behavioral changes—such as if they become uncommunicative or withdrawn, or appear agitated and nervous around specific individuals.

Economic abuse. May be more common when the elderly have home healthcare workers. Families should be watchful for sudden changes in bank balances, bills going unpaid for no apparent reason, or the addition of names to bank accounts or sudden changes to the will or beneficiary lists on accounts.

If your loved one reports abuse or if you see any sign that your loved one is in distress, contact Mike Fisher for a consultation with an attorney that concentrates in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.